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THC Holiday Meeting-January 17th 6-9pm, LBC (date changed to 17th)

The holiday meeting for the Tippecanoe Homebrewers’ Circle will be held at Lafayette Brewing on January 17th, from 6-9pm.  All members and friends of the club are welcome.  We will have food and plenty of homebrew, as well as a raffle for swag.  A pair of special beers for enrolled members will also be part of the festivities.  See you all there.

Note: The meeting had originally been advertised for the 18th, but changed due to scheduling issues.

THC Board Meeting Minutes 9/26/17


The board will begin posting minutes of meetings within a week of said meetings occurring. Here is the first set.


  • Callout meeting.  Possible themes for competition:
    • One style across entrants, but using different yeasts.
    • Special ingredient list. Item to be chosen by entrant.  Beer must highlight the chosen special ingredient.
    • Iron brewer: Special ingredient announced the day of the competition
    • Clone recipe: Given a People’s recipe, each person attempts to clone it.
    • Choose you own hop for a recipe.

          Suggestions forwarded to Chris, to give him additional options for planning the brew day.

  • Teach a Friend to Homebrew day. November 5, to be held at Jarrod’s house.  Will teach three people to brew.  Club payment of half of ingredients waved due to desire to decrease complexity of event.
  • Meeting format. Consensus is that meeting format is fine, with the exception of deleting an educational component separate from style focus.  May alternate in the future.
  • Jockey box. Club generally pours 8 to 10 kegged beers at events; the 4 tap jockey box is not adequate.  Ideas discussed, but no action taken.
  • Jockey box façade. General agreement that update would be desireable.  This issue has persisted for a time.  A two person subcommittee (Hugh and Jarrod) will generate ideas to be delivered to the board at a later date.  Façade update desired to be done in time for Winter Warmer.
  • Add seventh member to board, for a one year rotating membership. Will advertise in October, selected by vote of membership (assuming more than one volunteer) in November.  Meeting December 5.  This may evolve into some system of turnover for the board at large.
  • Some discussion of size of club, and overall vision for club future. General discussion only.
  • Club T-shirts to be put on an online order basis in the forseeable future, when inventory depleted. Two designs (one with THC, one without) desired.
  • Club service event. Most likely at Food Finders.  Hugh will pursue and update.
  • Possible THC booth at Moseys. No beer service, just information. Decided that it is not necessary to attend every Mosey, but this idea will be pursued.

Tippybrew 2017

On April 29th, the Tippecanoe Homebrewers’ Circle held their 1st BJCP certified competition.  We had 127 paid entries, with over 87 entrants, judges, stewards and organizers participating.

The grand prize (a Blichmann Engineering Hellfire burner donated by John Blichmann himself) was won by Jarrod Doucette of THC, with a wide selection of Indiana and national homebrewer clubs and homebrewers winning or placing in 14 judging categories *(full results can be seen here).  The judging was overseen by Nationally ranked judge Linda Swihart, with Jason Cooke leading the charge for stewarding.  Several other THC members helped run the event, and it was a great occasion for the club to show our can do spirit in pulling it off.

We also had a lot of help from our sponsors, including Blichmann Engineering, Great Fermentations, Final Gravity Homebrew Supply, Lafayette Brewing Company, People’s Brewing Company, The Pint, and Village Bottle Shoppe. Thanks to all who assisted in making this a great event.

We plan for this to be an annual event, and will post details for Tippybrew 2018 on this site in the future.

Interested in learning more about beer?

Interested in learning more about beer? Want to meet other interested people and maybe learn how to make beer?  Perhaps interested in tasting interesting home brewed beers and learning about the science and art of brewing?  Tippecanoe Hombrewers’ Circle (THC) can help.  With regular meetings (2nd Monday of the month), a series of events we attend and decades of participation in the Indiana home brewer community, THC is focused on advancing the educational and social aspects of home brewing, and is always looking for new members interested in the same.  We are active on Facebook, post updates and pictures via Twitter, and can be directly emailed at

THC Beer List for Beers Across the Wabash 2016

Tippecanoe Homebrewers’ Circle will be pouring the following at Beers Across 2016.

  1. South West Asian Gose
  2. 1816 Strong Ale (Brewed with 1700 tech in a copper kettle)
  3. Nut Brown Ale
  4. Coconut Cream Ale/Coconut Cream Ale with Cocoa
  5. Blackberry Sour
  6. Noboil Sour
  7. Hot Mess Hard Ginger Beer
  8. Various Aged Meads
  9. IPA
  10. English Special Bitter
  11. 2-3 mystery beers.

If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, follow this link for info

Fall 2016 Parilla-September 11th-Derrick’s House

Happy to announce I will host a fall THC Parilla. We’ll meet 12pm-5pm on Sunday Sept. 11th at my place, (address on Facebook/Mailing List). We’ve done this several times over at Lloyd’s and always have had a good time. The basic idea is to experience a bunch of different grill meats.

Will probably have meat coming of the grill every 45 min or so and just hang out and eat and drink good beer. I have a big weber and also a smoker. Details to follow regarding signup for grill meats.

Grilling signup list


THC Membership Dues and Insurance

Our club insurance is coming up for renewal and due by August 1st.  Right now I show just 16 members have paid dues.  That is down from 37 this time last year.  Your dues goes to things like; club insurance, pays for ingredients for new brewers, pays your first entry into a competition, club equipment like the jockey box, stand, and tasting glasses, the Christmas party, website hosting, and is used to front the money for club activities like bus trips.  Please consider becoming a member at our July meeting for the remainder of 2016. We still welcome you regardless if you pay, but your $12 sure does help the club.

St. Patrick’s Day event at Lloyd’s-March 19th

Message from Lloyd Chatham:

On Saturday, March 19th from noon to 5 p.m.  I will be hosting a THC meeting at my house in honor of St. Patrick’s day.  I will be serving corned beef and cabbage and vegetables, and Hugh has a leg of lamb he plans to grill at the meeting.  There will be stout available for sampling, as well as other beers brought by members.  You are welcome to brew here that day.  A homebrew meeting is always enhanced by having a few pots boiling away!  You are welcome to bring other food, though that is in no way required.  Just bring yourself, stop by for a few minutes, or a few hours, as you see fit, bring any fermentable you wish to share ( commercial or homebrew ) and join us as we celebrate one of the most beer centric holidays on the calendar, St. Patrick’s Day.  Slainte,


Email if you need directions, or IM Hugh on Facebook

THC Fall 2015 Brewery Tour

Central Indiana Area Brewery Bus Tour

Join the Tippecanoe Homebrewers Circle as we tour 3 great breweries in the Indianapolis Indiana area.

Meet in the West Lafayette Meijer Parking lot at 9:30 am on Saturday, November 14th.

Eastern Time
9:30am Board bus at West Lafayete Meijer
9:45   Departure from West Lafayette Meijer parking lot.
11:00  Arrive at Chili Water Brewing Company
12:30  Depart Chili Water
1:00   Arrive Black Acre Brewing Company
2:30   Depart Black Acre Brewing Company
3:00   Arrive Bier brewery
There is time to go to Great Fermentation’s if desired
4:15   Depart Bier brewery
5:45pm  Arrive back at West Lafayette Meijer

You must be 21+ with valid ID.  No exceptions. Waiver must be filled out prior to departure. There will be waivers available at the bus if you can’t print them at home.  At least read the waiver before you buy your ticket.

Responsible food and alcohol consumption on the bus is permitted.  Bring your homebrew beer and cider if you have some and share with others.  Commercial beer is ok too.  Leave the hard alcohol at home.

Bottled water is available on the bus for free.  Let’s not get dehydrated.

Bus is equipped with a restroom.  Please practice your aim before you arrive.

Food and drink at the breweries is available for purchase by you.  Ticket price doesn’t include your food or beer at the restaurants.

There is a strict no refund policy.  You may have another person go in your place if they are over 21 and sign the waiver.  Again, no refunds, no exceptions.

Poll for Spring THC bus trip

Ok folks, we would like to know where you would like to go.  Please select your preferred destination.  Final locations for region may vary from the ones listed (except Bloomington).  Bloomington would also require those attending to make sure they have a ticket to the fest, the fees we would collect would be for transportation only.

Where would you prefer the Spring THC bus trip go?

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