Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new site.  We are testing the ability of using your facebook, google+ and other social media accounts to login.  If you can’t login, let me (Hugh) know at the next meeting.  Twitter and Youtube login access will be added soon.  Once registered, post on this thread and I will authorize you to post further.

11 responses to “Welcome to the new website!

  1. I’ve logged in with google and posted this comment.

  2. You should now be able to comment without approval.

  3. I logged in with my facebook account. Nice work Hugh

  4. I’m in as my G+ acct.

    By the way, please update my ‘beer judge’ info to ‘CERTIFIED’.



  5. I made it to certified too.

  6. Logged in via Facebook.
    Nice work on the site Hugh!

  7. I’m in, via facebook account.

  8. I approved the messages from Brad and Derrick. Evidently board members can post without approval and others cannot.

  9. Google, what? No facebook for commenting for I. Normally I use my anonymous Yahoo, but for you kind folks I’m using the Googs.

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