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Tom Miller’s Armchair Amber

Beer Name: Armchair Amber

Beer Style: American Amber

Brewer: Tom Miller

Grains: 8# Maris Otter 2# light Munich 1# amber malt .25# chocolate 350

Hops: 1 oz northern brewer @ 30 minutes 1 oz centennial @ 5 minutes 1 oz fuggle dry hop for 3-4 days

Yeast: US-05 yeast

Statistics: 1.052 OG 26.3 IBU 13.3 srm

Additional Notes: Fine with gelatin Earthy flavor and aroma reminiscent of tea Subtle chocolate notes Best after some aging

Benny Goller and Tom Bullington’s Tripel Threat

Beer Name: Tripel Threat

Beer Style: Belgian Tripel

Brewer: Tom Bulington & Benny Goller

Batch size: 6 gallons

Grains: 13# Sugar Creek Pilsner, 0.5# honey malt (or Crystal 20)

Hops: 0.75oz Magnum @ 60 minutes (~25-28 IBU), 1 oz Motueka @ 10 minutes

Yeast: Safbrew S-33 Belgian Ale Yeast (we suggest pitching 2 packets)

Statistics: 1.063 OG 32 IBU 5 srm

Additional Notes: Mash at 149F for 60 min. Add 1# honey (Crasian Brewing Co uses honey from Purdue) to whirlpool after flameout and stir well to dissolve. Start fermentation cool at around 64F and hold for the first 3 days, then allow fermentor temperature to rise to 68-70F to finish fermentation. Target FG 1.008-1.010.

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