THC Board Minutes (9/26/2017)


The board will begin posting minutes of meetings within a week of said meetings occurring. Here is the first set.


  • Callout meeting.  Possible themes for competition:
    • One style across entrants, but using different yeasts.
    • Special ingredient list. Item to be chosen by entrant.  Beer must highlight the chosen special ingredient.
    • Iron brewer: Special ingredient announced the day of the competition
    • Clone recipe: Given a People’s recipe, each person attempts to clone it.
    • Choose you own hop for a recipe.

          Suggestions forwarded to Chris, to give him additional options for planning the brew day.

  • Teach a Friend to Homebrew day. November 5, to be held at Jarrod’s house.  Will teach three people to brew.  Club payment of half of ingredients waved due to desire to decrease complexity of event.
  • Meeting format. Consensus is that meeting format is fine, with the exception of deleting an educational component separate from style focus.  May alternate in the future.
  • Jockey box. Club generally pours 8 to 10 kegged beers at events; the 4 tap jockey box is not adequate.  Ideas discussed, but no action taken.
  • Jockey box façade. General agreement that update would be desireable.  This issue has persisted for a time.  A two person subcommittee (Hugh and Jarrod) will generate ideas to be delivered to the board at a later date.  Façade update desired to be done in time for Winter Warmer.
  • Add seventh member to board, for a one year rotating membership. Will advertise in October, selected by vote of membership (assuming more than one volunteer) in November.  Meeting December 5.  This may evolve into some system of turnover for the board at large.
  • Some discussion of size of club, and overall vision for club future. General discussion only.
  • Club T-shirts to be put on an online order basis in the forseeable future, when inventory depleted. Two designs (one with THC, one without) desired.
  • Club service event. Most likely at Food Finders.  Hugh will pursue and update.
  • Possible THC booth at Moseys. No beer service, just information. Decided that it is not necessary to attend every Mosey, but this idea will be pursued.

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