THC Board Minutes (1/16/2020)

Topics :

Membership numbers: 34 in 2019. 7 as of current date.

Treasury report: $2643

Shirt update: Lloyd will owe club $22 when all shirts are sold.


Mary and board e-mail: Hugh will take care of this. Task done by 1/20

Software for website: $287 for 3 years. Due February 3rd. Alan will check 1 year price. (Alan has verified $8/month, which is good price)

Word Press needs to be refreshed for anti-virus.

Ted not on email list: Hugh will fix this. (done)

Dues: Alex suggested raising dues to $20. Concerns about using funds enough to justify raising the dues were expressed. Alex will put together a list of possible uses for the additional money.

Fermentation Frenzy: February 24th. Hugh and Todd will have two kegs and any bottles donated.

Winter Warmer
Servers: Ted, Tom, Mary. Ted will ask for additional volunteers. Ted may pick a deserving volunteer, or ask Jeff.

Beers: Scotch ale, ginger beer, Belgian dark strong, Kolsch. Ted will solicit for more contributions from members.

Tap for TAF: April 4th. Hugh will coordinate. Scott has volunteered to help.
Derek will be asked as he has helped in the past.


Club night: As in the past, we will participate.
Social club: For the first time we will volunteer for a time slot. Knockout party: Not at this year’s convention.

Meeting topics: The board was challenged to take some of the eduction topics. Corey from Brokerage, and Tom and Michelle will be approached about covering topics. Ted may do a triangle test topic.

Other miscellaneous topics : A spring bus trip may be planned. Also, Hugh will explore a a homebrew demo at Kopacetic. Lloyd will push the Howard county homebrew competition. Ted will approach Chris about a spring callout at People’s. June 27th, Homebrewpalooza.

Meeting locations: Good attendance at Teay’s suggests looking at having 1-2 Meetings per year at other locations. Blichmann’s?

Club to Provide $80 tip for servers at Holiday party.

Board news : Scott is stepping down from board. Todd will be approached to fill vacancy. (Todd has accepted)

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